This vibrant space full of oranges, named after a rare tropical fish (duh!), is set in an office building on Maple Drive in Beverly Hills. Don't worry about the hills, it's a modest older crowd, even with business friendly guests. Try the herb-crusted Halibut, mmmmm, and the jumbo blue crab cake...but save room for the bread! The food presentations are stunning, and Paperfish serves an amazing assortment of flavorful breads that you'll be hooked on. I'm so sad to say that there is no happy hour (what's wrong with them?), but bring a full wallet and treat yourself to beautiful ambience and fish! Click on the title link people. Peace! ~Candice UPDATE! As of 10/30/8, Paperfish has closed: “It is with sadness that I made the decision to close Paperfish.” said Joachim Splichal, Chef and Founder of Patina Restaurant Group. “Much time, effort and creativity went into the foundation of the restaurant, but we had an option in our lease to return the space to our landlord, and with the current economic climate, it did not make sense to continue to foster this new concept. Executive Chef Kevin Meehan is a wonderful chef and I look forward to working with him as he continues to impress at another Patina Restaurant Group property.” Sad, so sad. Although, many critics are not so suprised. Fancy that. ~Cw


Kandyce Williams said...

Im supposed to go with mom one of these days. I will try your suggestions!

Anonymous said...

super yum!♥ i remember my trip there.yeah i think we were supposed 2 take u. well, i owe u $20 anyway so i can buy u like a bottle or an appitizer