On The Hair Tip (This One's For You, M*)

I'm not sure exactly what you are looking or M*, but this is MY personal favorite hair stylist. I have been going to Asia Phillips for quite some years now. She is great at styling, weaving, color, anything you need. She is great at any texture or length of hair. She's colored my hair blonde(ish), plum, and auburn, just to name a few...If you are interested in a weave/extensions, she is absolutely THE best. Her styling is impeccable. Show her a pic or just describe to her what you're looking for, and it's yours. She is at Total Image Hair Salon located at 19529 Ventura Blvd in Tarzana. I know this may seem rather far, but I've even driven to Vegas a few times when she lived there to get my hair done by her. Yes, it's that serious. Call (818) 916-7259 to speak with her directly. Click the title link for directions to the salon.
Here are a few of the many styles and colors I've had courtesy of Asia:
This was indeed an excuse to create a self-collage ;)
Kandyce with a 'K"


M* said...

haha LOVE IT -- collage worthy-- She is GOOD and I might have to take a ROAD TRIP to Tarzana soon.

Lik How far is it from The Heart of LA??

Now thats a stylist Im talkin about , that loves there jobs and wants u to look good, cuz summ hair folks just want get paid and go--no i want celebrity pretty hair!! haha

THAnks so much for tha post LADY K*
Thats why ur blog iz so cool.

Kandyce Williams said...

Tarzana's not too far, without traffic, maybe 35 minutes?? She's not money hungry either. You know how some stylist will charge you for anything, like a $5 fee for putting the cape on you, or a $10 fee for sweeping up your hair? Shes not like that. She's very fair on her pricing and she treats it like an art.

Im so glad you liked my collage!! ;)

M* said...

Okay New Place to Visit n Get the Hair DID

lmao--u already kno how they act--2 dolla this 50 dollar dat, worse than tha damn nail folks. haha

thanks again.

now all i need is a paycheck to come thru!

Anonymous said...

so cutie!lol @ the excuse to create a self collage