Library Bar, Have an Intelligent Cocktail

Feeling sophisticato?
Well-versed intellectuals and chic-minded professionals seek a night spot where they can unwind from a busy day on the plush leather sectionals while psychic bartenders hand craft the perfect martini (ok, or whatever your drink is...). They find themselves at the Library Bar on 6th Street in L.A., or at one of the many sister bars; The Chalet, 4100 Bar or The Sapphire in Studio City. Hate to spill the beans, but I have yet to see any of these folks peruse the library bookshelves, hence the name of this joint adjacent to the Downtown L.A. Library. My personal fav is the fireplace and the cottage atmosphere. And, after a couple of cocktails and a swift walk, you can end up at the Standard Hotel for the night. Point is, get out of Hollywood already people. It's killing me. *tootles*

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Kandyce Williams said...

Love this! I was telling Al not too long ago that there should be a library that serves wine and cocktails at night, maybe even a few appetizers. This is right up my alley!