Little Door, or Little Next Door- Your Choice

First date? Out-of-towners? L.A.'s best romantic restaurant and secret garden features authentic Mediterranean cuisine on 3rd Street, that still receives mixed reviews (maybe they haven't tried the filet mignon, delicious) and a slew of star sightings, oh joy. Little Door enthusiasts claim that everyone deserves to unwind from the city’s buzz, and drink the finest wine-by-the-glass listening to birds chirping as delectable dinners are shared with friends, families or lovers amongst movie stars and luminaries of the world under the Southern California open sky. Let me know what you think, but I'm all about the ambience, the scenery and the whole idea or concept surrounding the entree.
I love when a restaurant goes the extra mile to sell the European paradise and the perfect picture backdrops are endless. There's even setting options; Piano Room, Winter Garden, Blue Room or the patio. In a rush? Opt for coffee and dessert nibblers at Little Next Door, conveniently located....next door.
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~Candice 'can't live without dessert' Williams

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