Ummba (you call that service??) Grill

So...ok. I decide to meet at Ummba Grill, Century City, my suggestion of course. I really believe I was blinded by the lounge couches, plant decor and outside bar. I was sooo pumped about the happy hour, so I skip across the street after work. I find a happy seat at the bar and asked for a Happy Hour menu. No such thing. Wha? Well...what are the happy hour specials? I was told to hold on a second. Ok...I took a deep breath. Maybe I'm too eager, I thought...(but since when is inquiring about an order frowned upon at a restaurant??) So, he made about a million drinks while I was waiting. Once I became priority, I inquired about the happy hour specials again...after all I only have until 7! As this is a Brazilian restaurant, you'd think I would get an intro, a suggestion...and opinion..something. Instead, he mumbles a couple items under his breath and claims that there is other stuff. Stuff? I'm irritated at this point...so I make the best of it. I order a stinkin' mojito. Maybe that'll change my mood. Did I say extreme pulp? I mean who makes a drink like that? Hey Ummba people...if you want to keep sassy customers like myself...(too bad you already lost me)....I suggest you brush up on the menu, learn how to make a strong drink...and hire more help. There's lots of people dying for minimum wage....smh.
Nevertheless, the live Brazilian Band on Sundays is a great cheap date.
~Candice Williams


Swan said...

Hmmmm. That sounds a lot like the Caribbean. Going to a club or a bar in some Carib islands is like going to the DMV. If you want to order food...forget about it..usual wait time after you order is 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Its a cultural thing a believe. Its very hard to fire any employee here and so you get slow, crappy and indifferent service. I sure hope they are not trying to import that type of service to America. Fuck Brazil.

L.A., etc... said...