The Hills Pays The Bills

22-year old Lauren Conrad from MTV's reality show "The Hills" just got a three-book series deal with Harper Collins. The series, loosely based on her life, will be titled "L.A. Candy" (♥ the name). LC has her own clothing line, her face is everywhere, she has a book deal...What next? She is such a little entrepreneur. Love her!! Look for the first book of the series in summer 2009.

Now as for LC's arch nemesis, Heidi Montag, whose quick run in the music biz was an absolute disaster (I bet many of you have never even heard Heidi's pathetic love song dedicated to manager/fiance Spencer Pratt), has a deal in the works with Mattel to transform her into yes, that's right, a Barbie doll. And of course, Spencer is jumping on board to become Ken. Arg!! Speidi is going to ruin the good wholesome name of Barbie! Her fake boobs, bleached hair, lip injected, botoxed face should not be on a Barbie doll! What is this teaching our children?!~Exhale~ But I'm not a hater. The ex-BFF's both have big things poppin'. Ride that "Hills" bus 'til the wheels fall off. ♥ Kan

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