Ladies?!...and Trannys too

Now is your chance! Auditions for Cycle 12 are being held in Los Angeles this weekend. Reality TV stole the show from sitcoms...but now it seems as if we want more, more!! All over reality land there are midgets, transgender men and women, Thugs, tramps...not to mention their regular cast of psychos. I can't front, I'm hooked on all the trash, I Love Money (I force myself to watch this), NY Goes to Hollywood (honestly, she barely gets 5 min), Making The Band (I'm bored, but I love to see LoriAnn flip out, Diddy too), I Want to Work for Diddy (Kim is verbally murdering people on a daily basis), and a slew of other ridiculous shows. Out of all of them, you have ANTM...at least you can make a name for yourself. That is...if Tyra doesn't stomp you into a pulp before you out shine her. Love you Tyra... :) *********** Los Angeles Saturday, September 13 10:00am-3:00pm Citadel Outlets 100 Citadel Drive Los Angeles, CA 90040 * Casting Director will be in attendance ************ ~Can *evil laugh*

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