Nice Try Repub's, Obama is Un-Moved

Not sure if you fine folks were able to catch the Republicans' futile attempts to personally attack Obama and the American people for supporting him. I have to admit, after hearing the news about McCain choosing a woman as his running mate, I thought to myself that this was a strategic move that also had huge potential to backfire. And that it did. Giuliani spent so much time lashing Obama that it appeared to be more of a jealous spirit that caused the rant. And, Palin...OMG. Did they have a rehearsal or anything? I'm all for a real American family struggle story...but this was comedy. You've got her prego 17 year old daughter, with the obviously annoyed baby daddy, and the youngest red head that insisted on licking her palms to correct the stubborn cowlick of her down-syndrome baby brother - while on camera. Who can take this woman seriously? Especially when McCain can barely lift his arms to wave...can she carry us through? Doubtful.
On a lighter note...Obama is still working towards the goal Los Angelinos.
This Thursday, September 4th, please join us at the grand opening of the Southern California headquarters. Meet campaign staff and fellow supporters in the area, and learn how you can make a difference in the last 62 days of this campaign by volunteering to canvas, register, and bring new voices into the political process.
Here are the details:
Thursday, September 4th 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Southern California for ObamaHeadquarters Opening
3619 Motor Avenue, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA
~Candice Williams


Swan said...

Ummmm, wait a minute. let me get this straight, You ladies are bagging on another young lady for getting pregnant? Say what? And whats your problem with Downs Syndrome kids? That's just cruel. And if this is the way Obama supporters view the world, that's really really really fucked up. Its pathetic how people think a President is the answer to all their problems....What? you didn't get a brain when you were born...you just gotta have big ole bad Barack fix all your problems for you. HA! WEAK!! He's a turd of the political shit machine like all the rest of them. You check?

L.A., etc... said...

Uh...read what I wrote. The Repub's should have come stronger, period. But they wasted their time (and our time, thank you very much) with useless attacks on the DNC. Still unclear on what their 'country first' plan is. I'm waiting.... :)


Swan said...

No, I'm not reading anymore Obomber shit or Macain shit. You're still waiting? For what? Both the Dems and Repubs talk like they are running for student council in middle school. You should not put so much weight on politicians, afterall, how fucking geeky stupid do you gotta be to say you wanted to be president when you grow up? You check? Can just review some lingerie or something, with pics of you wearing it....now that I will read.

Kandyce Williams said...