The T-pain Show...I mean, The BMI Awards

I love when someone is praised for their accomplishments, but I thought this years' BMI Urban Awards in Beverly Hills last night was a tribute to the Jackson 5, not T-Pain. T-Pain, who donned a yellow vest and top hat, lived on the stage, he opened the show with Rick Ross, he closed the show with face painted dancers. He received about 50 awards...Sheesh. I wasn't expecting a T-Pain concert. But I won't complain. I was entertained. Janet Jackson, who looked smashing, presented the honorary award to The Jackson 4 (where was Michael?), who got about 5 minutes of the lime light. What a tribute.... America's Best Dance Crew's Season 1 winners The Jabbawockeez performed!! I love them! Keri Hilson has such a beautiful voice and is so adorable, but what was that fringed bustiere all about? Yuck! Yung Berg, Soulja Boy, and Ray J performed at the pre-show, hosted by Mr. Bentley. Mario, Lloyd, JoJo, and a few others performed during the awards show. I was looking for Lil' Wayne, but he was a no-show. So guess who's the dj at the after party at Ritual in Hollywood? That's right, T-Pain! Lol, he was everywhere. My beef of the night: Just because Hennessy is one of the sponsors of the awards does not mean that the open bar should be all Hennessy! Can we get a little variety please? ~Kandyce "with a K"

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