2008 Angel City Classic - the L.A. Battle of the Bands!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~I have southern roots, but never experienced a true Battle of the Bands experience...and I'm pumped that since 2006, L.A. has decided to embrace the event which is a historical Black College/University tradition. Morehouse College will meet in Los Angeles @ the Coliseum to attempt to de-throne Prairie A&M University in a weekend long extravanza of events. The classic football game and the battle of the bands begins on Saturday, September 27th, with a High School band showcase (L.A. schools, finally), King and Queen pageants, BMW Coupe giveaway (white, black interior please :), and a post game mini concert (sheesh concert mania) featuring Anthony Hamilton, Lalah Hathaway and Angie Stone! OMG, if I were you, I'd gather the fam, pick a team and head down there early. Get your tickets first, of course, because last years 50,000 attendees (lots of B-list celebs) will be back, believe that. Ya boy, Nick Cannon is a spokesperson (duh? Drumline)...and he urges us all to Stop Hating. *sigh* His movement is positive though, (and annoying). PS- Entrepreneurs, there are still vendor spots open...if you're about your business you need to get on that. Love ya, Candice

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