Wines, Chocolates, and Cheeses @ Bottle Rock

Bottle Rock is a combination wine retailer, tasting room, and small plates cafe, with over 800 wines from around the world, as well as beer and sake. Bottle Rock offers artisanal cheese, charcuterie (meat), and gourmet chocolate plates. They also have a (very) small plates menu, including bruscetta, mozzarella caprese, and my favorite, the petite lollipop chops. (Beware, if you are hungry, please get a real bite to eat before heading to Bottle Rock. They aren't called a small plates cafe for nothing!) Bottle Rock is a bit pricey, but it's definitely a great place to go hang out with friends and chat over a glass of wine or frosty mug of beer on a Friday night. Try the $18 a glass Bardessono Vineyard Cabernet. It's one of the smoothest cabs I've ever tasted. Bottle Rock also offers Saturday wine tastings from 1pm-4pm and is located at 3847 Main Street in Culver City. Call (310) 836-WINE (9463) or click the title link for more info.

♥ Kan


L. said...

I love this place! It is a bit pricey for such small portions, but I just love how chill it is. And they have a very wide variety of vino.

Ken said...

This is a great place to start your evening. You gotta be careful with the drinks here (beer/wine). A very wide selection of both, strong and tasty! The plates taste great but they are small so you don't get much to combat the beer/wine.