Hot Java, LBC's Central Perk

As I was on my way to Parker's Lighthouse for a pomegranate martini and an order of crunchy rolls, I ran across a cool little spot in Long Beach called Hot Java. It reminds me of The Central Perk on Friends, a true neighborhood coffee house. Hot Java serves up the finest coffees, espresso and teas, panini sandwiches and delicious pastries and snacks, and prides itself on it's great service and friendly staff. They offer free WiFi, a large plasma TV, a fireplace, and a large heated outdoor seating area. Hot Java also has weekly and monthly events: Friday nights are Movie Night. The first Saturday night of each month is Sanctuary Open Mic Night. Every third Saturday of the month is Comedy Night, Laugh-A-Latte. Or just swing by for a vanilla latte and a muffin. Hot Java is located at 2101 East Broadway Avenue in Long Beach. Click the title link for more info.
♥ Kan

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L. said...

Laugh-A-Latte, how cute. If I'm ever in the area I will check this spot out.