Meet Me at Trump

My patience is not yet sophisticated enough to golf, but I do enjoy a nice sunny day at the golf course. Trump National is the most beautiful golf course I've ever been to. They also have some of the best food in So Cal. There's an outdoor grill where you can have a chicken sandwich or cheeseburger made to order. Hungry on the 12th hole? A snack cart with an attendant is bound to come around with tasty treats. Trump National Golf Club also offers two restaurants. The Golfer’s Lounge is a perfect place to relax after a round of golf and catch the big game. The CafĂ© Pacific is a more upscale restaurant and is known for its creative menu. Trump is quite pricey for a round, but definitely worth the money if you are an extreme golfer. If you're not into golf, just go for lunch or dinner and enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean and Catalina Island. Trump National is located at One Ocean Trails Drive in Rancho Palos Verdes. Call (310) 265-5000 or click the title link for more info. But first, check out this tour of Trump estates and the course. All I have to say is WOW. ♥ Kandyce Woods

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L. said...

I love Trump! My aunt had her wedding there! It's beautiful.