rush to...RUSH Street, Culver City

Okay, so maybe not rush because I never run to be honest. But walk swiftly to Rush Street’s bar and lounge in the heart of Downtown Culver City’s nightlife. Rush Street faces Washington Blvd and can be recognized by its signature extensive outdoor patio and rustic Chicago-esque feel. So, because the only thing I love more than L.A. are the people in it, I’ll give you the pros AND cons of dragging your party of 5 down there. With a pretty hot dj and the city’s only rooftop patio, you can groove indoor and outdoor. Also, the Upstairs has its own bar and private back room available for events and private parties. More? There is also a stripper pole for random play attached to the floor of the lounge area of the Upstairs (amateur strippers need not apply). And for the clencher…, there is absolutely and I mean absolutely NOOOO parking issues. Now if you’re anything like me, this alone would have sold me. Aren’t you tired of playing Russian roulette with your car- parking it in overpriced Hollywood or Downtown parking lots just to get a piece of the night life and maybe even a chocolate martini?? Aren’t you just as cynical as me and wished you had a small video camera in your car hoping that you’ll catch valet slipping and stealing change from your ash tray? Park like a normal person at one of the plethora of meters that has free parking after 6pm (no district permit required). Need I continue? Downtown Culver City is also a virtually untapped resource (besides the teeny-boppers from the near by Coldstones…) I must warn you, there is one and only one CON. Culver City PD!!!!! These jokers ARE NOT and I mean ARE NOT to be fooled with. They are as timely as a shopaholic is to Black Friday. They show up promptly at 1am and wait for foolish people who think public intoxication is not to be taken seriously. Lunch plans? My choice? Try the grilled steak salad, it takes a simple salad to a new heights. Rush Street 9546 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 Happy Hour M-F 4:30p-7pm. ☺ Love, Can

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Kandyce Williams said...

Now, is there any tipping that goes on with these stripper poles??