No More PET LOVE @ Beverly Center

For 15 years, Pet Love has been a fixture in the busy Beverly Center mall, its brightly lighted interior showcasing furry puppies for sale behind glass-walled kennels. But for the last six months, the sixth-floor pet store has been targeted by the Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal rescue and welfare organization that is waging a campaign to get Los Angeles pet shops to stop selling animals born in what the group calls inhumane puppy mills, LA Times reports.
On Tuesday, it appeared that pressure from the group was forcing Pet Love to leave the upscale mall. At a news conference near the mall Tuesday, Best Friends official Elizabeth Oreck said that the Beverly Center would terminate the lease of Pet Love at the end of January.
Best Friends officials charge that Pet Love's puppies come from puppy mills -- factory-like settings where animals are bred too frequently, are poorly cared for, and are allowed to grow sick. Most animal welfare groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, contend that the vast majority of pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills.
Wow, for more on this educational campaign, click here.
In the meantime, I wonder what will happen to the existing puppies in the store....hopefully they will find homes for the holidays.
Can :(

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