Sapp, Stop Stalking Me!

Ok, so Warren Sapp isn't really stalking me, but I keep seeing this guy everywhere! First, I see him at Katana during an early Sunday dinner a couple of weeks ago. He had this huge roped off section near the bar although it was only him and like two other people. Sheesh, what if I wanted to sit over there?! I love that little cozy couch nook in the corner. Hmph. Then on my way to work this morning, I see him on La Brea and Rodeo. What is he doing over there? I'm just passing through, but I need answers to why he was leaving The Jungles at 8:30am. And to top it all off, he goes and gets the same car as me in the same color! Ok, well, I have the miniature version of his super big body with rims the size of a small child. But still, I am almost inclined to file a restraining order. Totally J/K.
Anywho, if you would like to see my stalker in action, you can catch him on Dancing With The Stars on ABC. Apparently, he is quite sharp on the paso doble. He tied for the highest score with a 24 out of 30. I am not a huge fan of DWTS, but I'll have to check it out. Click on the title link for info on the show and all of the contestants including Mr. Sapp.
♥Kandy Ray


  1. Warren Sapp also does a L.A. based sports show. He is working out here now.

  2. uhh, maybe you are stalking him... LOL

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